A Grunt's Life Movie

A Grunt's Life

Imagine a war comedy ...

… showing everything Marines joked and fantasized about while they were in combat. Well, we made that movie, and it’s just as savage and hilarious as it sounds.

On a remote patrol base in Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2008, A Grunt’s Life follows Lieutenant Vinny Murphy (Donny O’Malley), a prior-enlisted Marine who wants to bust a nut and kill his boss just as bad as he wants to kill the Taliban.

Nothing is sacred as we make jokes and show fantasies about the realities of war – killing incompetent commanders, exterminating enemies, collecting war trophies, and much more.

Enjoy the ride war dogs, this one’s for you.

Disclaimer: This movie is a work of fiction and VET Tv does not condone or support any actions portrayed.


Comedy, Fantasy, Horror


Donny O’Malley
Michael Drake Krueger
Bruce Clifford
Ian Stanley

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